Taro 3.5.6 is now available. Taro is an open cross-end and cross-framework solution that supports the use of frameworks such as React/Vue/Nerv to develop WeChat/JD/Baidu/Alipay/ByteDance/QQ Mini Programs/H5 and other applications. The specific updates are as follows:



  • Support for compiling native custom components with Vue3


  • React-native is used by default 0.69 version, and added support for React18


  • Refactor the type system, and complete the component type declaration file of the applet according to the official documents of each applet (relevant discussion: #11740)



  • Repair WeChat applet pair showShareMenu API support
  • Repair WeChat applet pair cropImage API support, #12524
  • repair webpack-sources Problems caused by inconsistent versions
  • Fix Webpack5 pre-compilation causing Vue3 to report errors, #12340 #12090
  • Fix the problem that Webpack5 pre-compilation caused errors in Jingdong applet and Baidu applet, #12414
  • Fix the problem that Vue devtools reports an error due to Webpack5 precompiling, #12452
  • Repair Alipay applet usage CustomWrapper Failed question, #12496
  • Optimized component collection logic. Fixed the problem that the corresponding template template could not be found when using the Vue rendering function or using a third-party component library, #9740
  • Generate on demand CustomWrapper Product, #11745


  • repair Input component in type=number maxlength=-1 The content cannot be entered in the case of
  • Component library exports SourceMap
  • repair Input components type property is number or digit When entering special symbols, the problem of abnormal interaction
  • fix page onShow Time onReachBottom The problem with the event being fired multiple times
  • capture support Video components hls Error messages in the stream
  • repair pxtransform API conversion size error, #12475
  • Fix the problem that Webpack5 precompiling causes build errors, #12385
  • Fix the problem of error reporting when opening multi-page application mode, #12417
  • Fix mode error caused by custom environment variables, #12436


  • Fixed the problem of variable name conflict when importing style files with the same name
  • Upgrade the CLI installed by default expo version to ~46.0.1
  • repair showActionSheet API inconsistency between RN Android side and other side
  • repair Input and TextArea component in focus When the attribute is changed, the focus is out of focus and the problem is out of sync


  • repair postcss.pxtransform.config.baseFontSize Invalid parameter issue, #12449
  • repair autoprefixer warning


  • repair taro convert The problem of command error, #12309


  • Fix type definitions for targeting API
  • renew createOffscreenCanvas Type definitions for API, #12391
  • repair openBusinessView Type definitions for APIs

Breaking changes


Read carefully about version upgrade https://github.com/NervJS/taro/discussions/12133

  • Version 0.69 supports at least iOS 12.4
  • expo-av needs a locked version in 0.68
  • If you use Playground to debug, the react-native-gesture-handler version needs to correspond
  • Initialize RN for version 0.68:taro init --template-source github:NervJS/taro-project-templates#v3.5-RN-0.68

Release Notes:https://github.com/NervJS/taro/releases/tag/v3.5.6

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