GNOME Shell + Mutter 43 Release Candidate, RC version meansThe code is frozen and there will be no new feature updates.

Mutter is the window and composition manager used by GNOME to display and manage the user’s desktop through OpenGL. The Mutter 43 RC release brings the following changes:

  • Remember monitor scaling when switching configurations
  • Embed the Wayland output name into the screencast
  • Support for maximum BPC connector properties to resolve monitor issues
  • Improved heuristics for backing monitor mode
  • color managementNow handled by Mutter instead of GNOME-Settings-Daemon
  • Support for scan output of off-screen rotated views
  • Avoid swapping redundant parts of the buffer on the screen
  • NVIDIA paths with GBM are now set using atomic mode
  • Crash and memory leak fixes

Check out this commit to see the full list of changes to Mutter 43.rc.

The GNOME Shell 43 RC release includes the following changes:

  • Improved handling of duplicate events.
  • Fix PipeWire regression for screencasts.
  • Added screenshot item in quick settings
  • Prevent SignalTracker from leaking objects
  • Other bug fixes, including memory leak fixes.

See this commit for more details on the changes to GNOME Shell 43.rc.

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