Auto Cookie Optout is a tool that automatically opts out of a website’s opt-out cookies. Users have the right to choose which cookies they can accept, and Auto Cookie Optout keeps the cookie selection as few as possible, ie only the necessary cookies.

Traditional content blockers may cause the following problems when blocking cookie popups.

  • Residual cookie popup
  • The scroll bar of the website disappears
  • Website functions strangely

Auto Cookie Optout’s approach differs from those of content blockers, which actively signal to websites that you do not agree to optional cookies. With Auto Cookie Optout, websites should behave as if you had manually opted out in a pop-up window.

how to install

  • Download at Mozilla Addons
  • Older versions may still be sideloaded from the Release section

how to build

In the root folder: yarn, then yarn build. A ZIP should appear in the web-ext-artifacts folder.

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