Tahlreth is the developer of the AetherSX2 software, the best PlayStation 2 emulator for Android (there is none).

Recently, the developer officially announced that it will stop the development of the project indefinitely. In a statement posted on the official website, Tahlreth said he made the decision because he suffered “endless impersonations, complaints, unreasonable demands, and even death threats.”

AetherSX2 has always been a fun hobby for me, not for profit. It doesn’t make any sense to continue working on a project that is no longer interesting.

In this short announcement, the developer also stated that users can continue to download and use AetherSX2, and the app will continue to work normally for the foreseeable future, but there are no further development plans for the app.

The brief statement didn’t explain the reasoning behind the death threats, but a look at some past Reddit threads reveals that this isn’t the first time Tahlreth has complained about these issues.

Although AetherSX2 is already a very useful PS2 emulator, the emulator is an emulator after all, and developers still need to make some adaptations for different games. Not every PS2 game can run perfectly on AetherSX2. However, many users directly emailed the developer – “Fix the XXX game as soon as possible, I really want to play it”.

There are also users who hope that AetherSX2 can log on to the iOS platform, but as long as you have some knowledge of Apple, you should know that Apple’s restrictions on sideloading and emulators are very strict, which is almost an impossible requirement. In view of the excellent performance of AetherSX2, users continue to send emails to developers, hoping that Tahlreth can develop a PS3 emulator as soon as possible.

In a Reddit comment, Tahlreth argued that some emulator users expected too much from a hobby-based project. Tahlreth also revealed that since the launch of AetherSX2 in June last year, he has received 6,000 emails in half a year, which made him tired and even negative.

If you want to use AetherSX2, Tahlreth also keeps the latest .apk file on the official website, and qualified users can also download and install it through Google Play.

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