The hottest animal these days is the sheep. After several days of hot search and fermentation of the small game “Sheep Made a Sheep”, from various jokes that “annoyed” netizens to the constantly controversial plagiarism rumors, there is no doubt that “Sheep Made a Sheep” has become a successor to “jumping”. , Another phenomenon-level WeChat mini-game after “Travel Frog”, and unlike the previous two, “Sheep is a sheep” has also launched a Douyin mini-game, and according to official information, “Sheep is a sheep” “The App version will also be launched next month.

After the explosion, “Sheep and Sheep” experienced many downtimes, and the server crashed 3 times in 2 days.It has begun to recruit back-end server development urgently, and said that “recommended entry will be rewarded with 5,000, and self-recommended entry will be rewarded with 5,000”. One of the positions is called “Cocos Creator Client Development Engineer”, which means that its development engine is Cocos.


Everyone is talking about the gameplay of “sheep and sheep”, but here I want to talk about Cocos, the development engine behind it, which can simultaneously release WeChat, Douyin and APP versions, which is closely related to Cocos’ cross-platform publishing capabilities. According to the official information of Cocos, it now supports nearly 20 platforms, including iOSAndroid,Windows,Web terminal, Douyin, WeChat, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, etc.

According to the introduction of Cocos official website, Cocos was established in 2011, “Fantasy Westward Journey”, “Happy Xiaoxiao Le”, “Fishing Master”, “Blood Legend”, “The Strongest Snail”, “Sword and Home”, “Animal Restaurant” 》 and other popular games are developed using Cocos.

Its core product, Cocos Creator, has the advantages of being cross-platform, free, open source, and lightweight. It can develop 2D and 3D games at the same time. Cocos Creator version 3.6 was released not long ago. The comprehensive upgrade of editor optimization and other aspects will be a milestone version of Cocos in the 3D field, which can be applied to games, virtual humans, xr, smart cockpits, education and many other fields.

Since the beginning of this year, Cocos has made frequent voices, not only won 50 million US dollars in financing, but also became the first domestic 3D engine to support Nintendo. At the just-concluded 2022 Google Developers Conference, it also became the only recommended web-side game development tool. It remains to be seen what changes Cocos will bring to the industry in the future.

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