Google Fonts is a library of 1451 open source font families (as of September 2022) and APIs, including free and open source font families, an interactive web directory for browsing font libraries, and using fonts via CSS and Android API. Google Fonts first launched in 2010 and has undergone several redesigns since then.

Recently Google Fonts official social platformTweetexpress:

We’re adding some new fonts to the Google Fonts library, they’re all color fonts, and this is just the beginning of the COLRv1 file format, supporting gradients, custom color palettes, and more.

While you may not be familiar with the concept of color fonts, you actually use them every day, such as emoji. Color fonts can specify colors in the font file, and a glyph can have multiple colors. Achromatic fonts (that is, most existing fonts) do not have these characteristics.

As mentioned above, emoji are the most obvious use case for color fonts, but font designers are also making more expressive and customizable fonts based on the latest COLRv1 format.

COLRv1 is part of the OpenType 1.9 standard and is also a binary vector format (unlike bitmap color fonts of the past), which means that fonts can be scaled without making them pixelated. You can also save file size by layering glyphs and then reusing those layers in similar glyphs.

At present, Google has added support for COLRv1 in Chrome and Android.

There are 9 new color fonts in the Google Fonts font library, all of them conform to COLRv1 format. These 9 fonts are Reem Kufi Ink, Reem Kufi Fun, Aref Ruqaa Ink, Amiri Quran, Cairo Play, Blaka Ink, Noto Color Emoji, Bungee Spice, Nabla, the first 6 fonts have little to do with us, they are mainly designed for Arabic, the latter 3 include 2 Latin color fonts, and are based on the latest Unicode 15 standard. full vector color emoji.

Interested developers and designers can now try and download all 9 new color fonts on Google Fonts.

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