According to foreign media arstechnica, Google has lost the battle with EU regulators. On September 14, the European Union’s General Court of Justice ruled, upholding a record fine imposed in July 2018 for Google’s monopoly on “bundling Google Search/Chrome with Android.” At the time, the fine was 4.34 billion euros, which has now dropped to 4.125 billion euros ($4.13 billion), but remains the largest ever fine in the EU.

There are three main reasons for maintaining fines:

  • First, Google bundled the Chrome browser and Google Search with Android. The company requires Android manufacturers to sign a “Mobile Application Distribution Agreement” (MADA) contract, which states that “to include one Google product, it must include other Google products.” Not only are they bundled, manufacturers need to make Google’s apps and services the default, and even have requirements on where icons and widgets should be placed.
  • The second illegal act is the contract’s “anti-fragmentation agreement,” which states that “anyone who creates a fork of Android, even as a separate product, or under a different brand, will immediately revoke their company’s Google app license. certificate.”
  • The third issue concerns Google’s revenue-sharing agreement, which requires Android makers that follow these rules to share in the Google search and Google advertising revenue their customers generate.

In view of the above, the European Commission believes thatGoogle not only took advantage of Android’s dominant market position to limit the fair competition of its competitors in Android, but also violated end-users’ right to choose, thus maintaining a fine of 4.1 billion euros against Google.

The purpose of all restrictions is to protect and strengthen Google’s dominance of search services in general, and thereby protect and strengthen Google’s revenue from search advertising. “

Of course, the fat sheep had to catch a sting. The EU fined Google three times in three years for alleged anti-competitive practices (including search, shopping and Android): a first $2.8 billion fine in 2017 for “shopping services” and a $5 billion fine in 2018 for “Android system bundling issues”, Another $1.7 billion fine in 2019 for “Search Results Advertising”.

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