SurrealDB is an end-to-end cloud-native database for web, mobile, serverless, jamstack, backend and traditional applications. SurrealDB reduces development time for modern applications by simplifying the database and API stack, eliminating the need for most server-side components, allowing you to build secure, high-performance applications faster and cheaper.

SurrealDB acts as both a database and a modern, real-time, collaborative API backend layer. SurrealDB can run as a single server or in a highly available, highly scalable distributed mode – supporting SQL queries, GraphQL, ACID transactions, WebSocket connections, structured and unstructured data, graph queries from client devices , full-text indexing, geospatial queries, and row-by-row permission-based access.


  • Database server or embedded library
  • Multi-row, multi-table ACID transactions
  • Single node or highly scalable distributed mode
  • Record Links and Directed Type Graph Links
  • Store structured and unstructured data
  • Incremental calculation view for pre-calculated advanced analytics
  • Realtime-api layer with built-in security permissions
  • Store and model data in any way using tables, documents and graphs
  • Simple pattern definitions for front-end and back-end development
  • Connect and query directly from web browsers and client devices
  • Implement custom advanced functionality using embedded JavaScript functions

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