A few weeks after the introduction of SQL Server 2022 Release Candidate 0 for Windows, Microsoft announced the availability of SQL Server 2022 RC 0 for Linux. Back in 2016, the company debuted a Linux port of SQL Server. According to the introduction, SQL Server 2022 RC 0 for Windows, released on August 23 is by far the most Azure-supported version of SQL Server,The new features and functions included are:

  • query store
    • Degree of Parallelism (DOP) Feedback – Improved comparison algorithm.
  • Management
    • Integration acceleration
    • snapshot backup
  • Language
    • TRIM Scalar Function Extension

On top of this, the Linux version also supports several additional cloud functions related to Azure. Specifically include:

  • Azure Synapse link support,Enables developers to easily and directly access the Azure Cosmos DB analytical store using Azure Synapse Analytics.The Integration Runtime (IR) cannot be installed in a Linux environment, so you must run the IR on a Windows-based computer that is on the same network as the Linux computer running the instance of SQL Server it connects to.
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication (AAD) – SQL Server on Linux now includes AAD support. Currently, however, SQL Server containers do not support this feature.
  • For distributed availability groups, changing REQUIRED SYNCHRONIZED SECONDARIES TO COMMIT is supported.

DB-Engines database popularity rankingreleaseThe September update of , states thatSQL Server maintains its third position on the list, behind Oracle and MySQL, and ahead of other databases such as PostgreQL, MongoDB, and Redis.

Mobile app developer AppInventiv’s Best Database for Web Apps in MaylistIt also ranks SQL Server after Oracle and MySQL, noting its strengths on-premises and in the cloud, its presence on Windows and Linux systems, and its support for structured, semi-structured, and spatial data. “It’s not as inventive or advanced as other modern…popular databases, but it has undergone considerable improvements and overhauls over the years.”

The foreign media The Register pointed out that software engineers are leaning towards open source databases. A Stack Overflow survey of about 70,000 programmers this year found that almost all of them are using one of the two top open source relational database management systems, either PostgreSQL (46.5%) or MySQL (45.7%) or some other open source database .As a result, Microsoft continues to add features and functionality to SQL Server for Linux and make it a growing part of its Azure enterprise cloud service, which makes sense in a rapidly evolving IT world that is increasingly crossCloud and distributed support.

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