AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2) is an open source high-quality solution for producing high-resolution frames from low-resolution input.

FSR technology is a technology that allows games to simultaneously improve performance and visual effects output. In the past, under the limitation of computer configuration, games usually could not take into account game performance and visual effects at the same time, especially for large-scale 3A games. Players need to balance between the two according to their own preferences. With the blessing of FSR technology, players can play both games. Both get it.

AMD has released the first major update to the FSR 2.0 version, FSR 2.1 includes significant changes to certain parts of the algorithm, allowing the game to further improve quality and reduce artifacts such as ghosting and flashing.


  • Utilizes motion vector divergence to reduce locked pixels, helping alleviate ghosting issues
  • Occlusion logic is now able to detect occlusions in areas with small depth separation, helping to reduce ghosting and improve overall image quality
  • Some previous half-precision algorithms are now full-precision, improving overall image quality and temporal stability
  • Reactive Mask inflation and value range improvements to help reduce ghosting on transparent geometry
  • Composition and Transparency Mask updated to help reduce ghosting on some geometry
  • Updated examples of animated textures, spark particles, and smoke particles
  • FSR 2.1 also includes many small bug fixes, as well as documentation fixes and improvements
  • Application side FSR 2 API has not changed, so updating from FSR 2.0 to FSR 2.1 should be simple

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