wazero is a runtime written in Go that conforms to the WebAssembly core specification 1.0 and 2.0. It has zero dependencies and does not depend on C GO. This means you can run applications in other languages ​​and still keep cross-compiling.

By avoiding CGO, wazero avoids prerequisites like shared libraries or libc, and lets you preserve features like cross-compilation. Being pure Go, wazero adds only a small amount of size to your binary. At the same time, wazero’s API provides features you’d expect in Go, such as safe concurrency and context propagation.

Notably,wazero is an early project, so the API may change before version 1.0. Officially,Prior to 1.0, wazero will mark a new pre-release version at least once a month. Following the release of Go 1.20, the 1.0 release is planned for February 2023.

go get github.com/tetratelabs/wazero@latest

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