• When t-io is used as a client, when a domain name is disconnected from the network, the built-in automatic reconnection will not be triggered
  • Code optimization to reduce memory footprint submitted by Rumeng Technology


Here is the “t-io technical white paper”, you can check it yourself

TiOMQ Client is a tool for testing MQTT Broker (or MQTT server).When creating a connection with TiOMQ Client, an MQTT Broker (TiOMQ, already clustered) implemented by t-io will be populated by default. You can also change the address to another MQTT server, such as EMQX’s

TiOMQ Client will launch the IM function in the future, so that heroic engineers from all walks of life can communicate happily

In the public beta stage, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me feedback.This tool is always free to use!

  • Founder of Hangzhou Titan Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Network programming framework t-io writer
  • Former CTO of Niuba Cloud Broadcasting
  • Fourth-rate programmer
  • third-rate entrepreneurs
  • Second-hand salesman
  • First-class pretender
  • The previous dream kept the company alive, the current dream is to fulfill the investor’s dream

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