Arti is the official Rust implementation of Tor and aims to make an embeddable, production-quality implementation of the Tor anonymity protocol.

Why rewrite Tor in Rust

  • Rust is safer than C.Despite our efforts, problems can easily arise when using a language that does not enforce memory safety
  • Rust is faster to develop than C
  • Arti is more flexible than C tor implementation
  • Arti is cleaner than C tor implementation

Build and use Arti

Arti can act as a SOCKS proxy using the Tor need to get a Rust development environment, and build it yourself.

To try it out, compile and run using the following commands artibinary file. It will open a SOCKS proxy on port 9150.

$ cargo run -p arti --release -- proxy

The binary can be built (but not run) with:

$ cargo build -p arti --release

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