Diesel 2.0.0 has been officially released. It is said that the development cycle of this version is as long as 3 years and contains more than 1700 commits.

Diesel is a secure and scalable

Rust ORM framework and query building tool. Diesel avoids runtime errors and provides the best performance.

2.0 adds many new features and rewrites most of the internals. Since this is a new major version, it also contains many breaking changes, see the migration guide for specific handling.

Update highlights

  • fully type-checkedGROUP BY
  • Support for table aliases
  • Support for defining select clauses by corresponding types
  • supportUNION/INTERSECTInquire

In addition, Diesel 2.0.0 fixes several issues in the type level SQL representation, which now correctly handles the following cases:

  • mixed nestingLEFT JOINSandINNER JOINS
  • passAND,ORNullable expressions mixed with similar operator chaining

supportGROUP BYclause

Diesel 2.0 adds support forGROUP BYClause support for select queries.


    .select((users::name, count(posts::id)))

Support for table aliases

The following query demonstrates this functionality:

// Define new table alias for the existing `users` table
let users1 = diesel::alias!(schema::users as user1);

// Use the corresponding alias inside any existing query
    .select((users::id, users::name, users1.field(users::name)))


This feature easily chains together multiple queries as long as they return fields of the same type.


Release Note | Changelog

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