When learning about an open source project, we’re looking at its features, architecture, performance, open source license – most of the time we’re looking at the project itself, knowing little about the open source community behind the project, or the project authors.

This time, China Open Source Community Landscape Community (COSLCC) launched the “COSLCC Community Chat” series of live broadcasts, focusing on the open source community and open source authors behind the open source project, and let them have a chat: why their own open source projects started , What kind of development has been experienced, the ups and downs of the open source author/community in the open source process, the operating experience of open source projects…

There are different stories behind every open source project, let us listen to the voices from the community and the authors.

The first issue of the COSCLC community chat series[Dromara: Talking about LiteFlow and Hertzbeat]invited LiteFlow and Hertzbeat authors from the Dromara community to chat about their open source stories.

About the Dromara Open Source Community

Dromara is an open source community composed of top domestic open source project authors. Provide a series of open source products including distributed transactions, popular tools, enterprise-level certification, microservice RPC, operation and maintenance monitoring, agent monitoring, distributed logs, scheduling and orchestration, as well as solutions and consulting, technical support and training certification services.

The Dromara open source community currently has 10+ GVP projects, the total number of stars exceeds 100,000, and an open source community of tens of thousands of people has been built. Thousands of individuals and teams are using the open source projects of the Dromara community.

1. The theme of the live broadcast

theme:Chatting with LiteFlow and Hertzbeat in the Dromara Community

time:September 5th 20:00-21:30

platform:“OSC Open Source Community” video number

Sponsor:Chinese Open Source Community Landscape Community & Dromara Open Source Community

2. Live guests

Bo Saidong, author of LiteFlow & TLog, double GVP honorary winner, one of the authors of “Open Source Guide”

Tom, Author of HertzBeat & Sureness, Founder of TanCloud & OSRC Developer

3. Live broadcast notification group

4. Live broadcast benefits

Lucky bag lottery: There will be multiple rounds of lottery in the live broadcast, 10+ winners, and participation will have the opportunity to win OSC T-shirts, notebooks, Xiaomi thermos cups, cutting-edge technology books, etc.

About Chinese Open Source Community Landscape Community

COSCLC: Landscape community, an open source community in China, is a community based on the domestic open source community. It aims to promote the development of the domestic open source ecosystem by gathering community strength. (The specific regulations of COSCLC and other plans are under preparation and will be announced soon.)

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