After using the editor Sublime Text, a developer found that it was surpassed by VS Code mainly because of the latter’s open source and free nature. Therefore, he feels that Sublime Text should also choose open source to compete better with VS Code.

He believes that the open source model of VS Code is the main reason why VS Code is more popular than SublimeText. The development of VS Code has been contributed by the community, and VS Code has more frequent updates than Sublime Text. Not only that, but the open source nature has also helped VS Code form a rich extension market, which has surpassed Sublime Text in this respect. Thanks to the rich extension market, after installing a few extensions, developers can transform VS Code from a simple text editor to a full-fledged IDE.

Therefore, this developer believes that open-sourcing SublimeText is the only way it can compete with VS Code. Developers have access to the support of the open source community, and the Sublime team will be able to push regular updates and new improvements at a faster rate than they currently do.

He also said that after Sublime Text is open source, it can continue to use the charging model. The SublimeText team offers a core version of Sublime Text for free, while they sell a professional version with more advanced features for more demanding users and developers.

This will also reduce the pressure on developers to maintain the core of Sublime Text and get support from the community, while the development team can focus on optimizing and developing the professional features of the text editor.

In the end, he believes that with the support of Microsoft, the development speed of VS Code is very fast, and it is difficult for SublimeText to keep up in any other way, unless it chooses to open source. He stated that Sublime Text is a very good editor and provides a better experience compared to Electron-based text editors.

Original: Is It Time to Open Source SublimeText?

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