wxPython has not been updated for nearly two years since the last stable release of 4.1.1. Therefore, when the wxPython development team announced the 4.2.0 update, the first sentence was to refute the rumor about “project death”:

“Rumors of my death are only slightly exaggerated”
“The rumours about my death are slightly exaggerated”

The team has released wxPython 4.2.0 to PyPI and uploaded some additional files to Extras.

Major changes

  • ​​Build with wxWidgets 3.2.0
  • Minor tweaks to the build script to ensure that on non-Windows platforms the compiler and flags used by default are the same as those used by wxWidgets (plus the flags required by Python). Compiler commands can be overridden by setting CC and CXX in the environment if needed #1247
  • Repair on Windowstime_t The problem of always being treated as a 32-bit value #1910
  • Added wx.FullScreenEvent and wx.EVT_FULLSCREEN.
  • Removed old, OSX-only wx.webkit module
  • Fix for building wxPython with Python 3.10 on Windows #2016
  • Repair useInvisible text in lib.plot when dark theme
  • Support newer PyMuPDF version #2205
  • Building wxPython with MinGW toolchain gets some simplification #2211

See the release announcement for details.

wxPython is a popular cross-platform Python GUI library that wraps wxWidgets. Developers use wxPython to create native user interfaces for their Python applications that run with little modification on Windows, Mac, and Linux or other unix-like systems.

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