QuickAdmin is an out-of-the-box middle and background management system framework based on ThinkPHP6+Vue3+ElementPlus. It can complete a CRUD in a few minutes, support one-click CRUD code generation, no need to pay attention to page template JavaScript, and can quickly build a Full-featured background system.

  • Rapid development of CRUD
    • Support one-click generation of CRUD, minute-level additions, deletions, and changes.
    • powerfulform,tablevue component, using the back-end PHP to build and render without writing html pages for each CRUD, it is super convenient to maintain and modify
    • Support flexible customizationform-item,table-column.
  • Powerful rights management system
  • High maintainability and scalability
  • Annotation Permissions RBAC’s Permission System
  • Powerful plug-in extension function, online installation and uninstallation of upgrade plug-ins
  • Common Membership Module and API Module

Install and use

 git clone https://gitee.com/sciqtw/quickadmin.git

Use the documentation https://doc.quickadmin.cn

online demo


Username: admin

Password: 123456

Special thanks

Thanks to the giants for shoulders, in no particular order

Copyright Information

QuickAdmin is released under the Apache2 open source license and is free to use.

The copyright information of the third-party source code and binary files included in this project is marked separately.

Copyright Copyright © 2021-2022 by QuickAdmin (https://www.quickadmin.cn)

All rights reserved.

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