Debian recently released Debian 11.5 as the latest version of its GNU/Linux operating system. This is also the fifth time Debian has updated its Debian 11 distribution.

Debian 11.5 is another update since the 11.4 release in early July.

  • cargo-mozilla: new source code package that supports building newer firefox-esr and thunderbird versions
  • clamav: new upstream stable release
  • commons-daemon: fix JVM detection
  • debian-installer: Rebuild based on proposed update, bump Linux kernel ABI to 5.10.0-18
  • General maintenance project for Linux 5.10 based kernels.
  • dlt-daemon: fix double free issue [CVE-2022-31291]
  • dnsproxy: listens on localhost by default instead of which may not be available
  • gri: use ps2pdf instead of convert to convert PS to PDF
  • Introduced updated NVIDIA binary driver package to provide security fixes
  • Updated build of GRUB bootloader
  • Updated time zone data
  • Various other fixes

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