Webmin is a web-based Unix-like server system management tool. With it, users can configure operating system internals such as users, disk quotas, services or configuration files, as well as modify and control open source applications such as BIND DNS Server, Apache HTTP Server , PHP, MySQL, etc.

  • Added enforcement of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) policy in SSL enabled mode
  • When SSL is enabled, add better http arrive https The redirect function of
  • increase in systemd Support for multiple versions of Webmin installed on the system
  • Added support for AMD CPU thermometer
  • Added better support for minor (release) version upgrades of Webmin
  • Added Webmin and Usermin configuration modules to display minor (release) versions
  • Added support for Linux Mint
  • Added latest Authentic 20.00 theme update with some bug fixes
  • fixed in firewalld Restart will also restart dependent services (such as fail2ban)The problem
  • Fix to preserve the service state of Webmin and Usermin on package upgrades
  • Fixed incorrect configuration of Bind module on Webmin upgrade on CentOS 7

For more details, please check: https://github.com/webmin/webmin/releases/tag/2.000

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Webmin 2.0 released, Web-based server management tool – News Fast Delivery

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