React PDF viewer is a React component for viewing PDF documents, written in TypeScript and completely based on React hooks.


  • Support for password protected documents
  • Zoom: supports custom levels such as actual size, page fit and page width
  • Supports navigation between pages
  • Support quick jump to the first page and the last page
  • search text
  • Preview page thumbnail
  • View and navigate the catalog
  • List and download attachments
  • Support for text selection and manual tool modes
  • Support for different scroll modes
  • Support full screen mode
  • Support to open files from local, users can drag and drop local files to view
  • download file
  • View document properties
  • Support SSR
  • Support printing
  • Support dark mode
  • accessibility


// Core viewer
import { Viewer } from '@react-pdf-viewer/core';

// Plugins
import { defaultLayoutPlugin } from '@react-pdf-viewer/default-layout';

// Import styles
import '@react-pdf-viewer/core/lib/styles/index.css';
import '@react-pdf-viewer/default-layout/lib/styles/index.css';

// Create new plugin instance
const defaultLayoutPluginInstance = defaultLayoutPlugin();

        // Register plugins

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React PDF Viewer Homepage, Documentation and Downloads – PDF viewing component written in React – News Fast Delivery

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