The PhpStorm 2022.3 roadmap has been released, and the top priority for this release is to improve the stability and performance of the IDE on multiple levels, including reducing UI freezes, speeding up highlighting in the editor, and more.

The following are the main strengths of this version:


PHP 8.2 support

PHP 8.2 is expected to be publicly released at the end of November, and PhpStorm will soon provide full support for it.

Quick fix preview

Some code issues in PhpStorm can be fixed automatically by pressing Alt+Enter. The 2022.3 release will introduce a quick fix preview feature to preview the result of the fix before actually applying it.

In-editor PHPDoc rendering

The 2022.3 release will add a render method to render PHPDoc blocks in a more readable format in the editor, which is already available for JavaScript.


Drag function

Previously PhpStrom added the ability to drag classes and folders in the project tree, but this only works if autoloading is properly configured. The 2022.3 release will refactor this feature to make it easier to use.

Constant class extracted to enum

Before PHP 8.1, it was common to use a class as a container for a set of constants. As of PHP 8.1, it’s easier to solve this problem with enums.

The 2022.3 release will refactor the existing Move static member to allow fast conversion of classes with constants to case the corresponding enumeration.


The debugging experience in PhpStorm has several major areas that need improvement.

global conditional breakpoints

Sometimes you may want to set a breakpoint that is not bound to any file or line. For example, suppose you want to see what code in the frame has changed ( $_SЕRVER[‘REQUEST_URI’])but don’t know where to set the breakpoint, that’s where global conditional breakpoints are useful.

Interactive debug console when debugging PHPUnit tests

When a breakpoint is hit while debugging a test, the code is immediately available in the console.

Return value debugging with Xdebug

Xdebug 3.2 will have an additional “return from function” debug step where the return value can be inspected. Support for it will be added in the next PhpStorm update.

Test improvements

ParaTest support

The ParaTest community has implemented an API that enables parallel running of tests using ParaTest in PhpStorm.

Prophecy Support

Support for Mockery was added in PhpStorm v2022.2, and the next version will support Prophecy, a more well-known testing framework.

Better support for PHPUnit datasets

In cases where a dataset can be inferred from the source code, tests for a specific dataset can be quickly run by clicking the gutter icon.

In addition, there is a PHP machine learning-assisted completion on the roadmap, as well as a series of completed features and fixes, which can be viewed on the JB blog.

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PhpStorm 2022.3 Roadmap Announced – News Fast Delivery

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