Kdenlive is an open source non-linear video editor based on the MLT framework, KDE and Qt, focusing on flexibility and ease of use. Originally developed by Jason Wood in 2002, the project is now co-developed by a small team of developers. Today, it is part of the official KDE project.

Recently, Kdenlive 22.08 was officially released, which brought many user interface improvements, improved the clip marking system, fixed various UI, overhauled the recording interface, and improved the effects area.

In terms of formats, Kdenlive 22.08 adds support for importing AVIF, HEIF, HEIC and JPEG-XL format files. Also supports LOTTIE and RAWR animations, and allows import of VTT web video text tracks and SBV YouTube subtitle files.

Performance-wise, this release adds experimental parallel processing support for faster rendering. Additionally, Kdenlive 22.08 fixes the encoding of NVENC and VA-API proxy clips.

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Kdenlive 22.08 released, KDE video editor – News Fast Delivery

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