Lingmo (Lingmo) – means “smart and smooth ink”, symbolizing the efficiency of the system and the beautiful UI design;Lingmo OS is a Linux operating system based on the desktop environment. It is developed based on the open source Debian kernel and adapted to the amd64 architecture. It has a beautiful desktop environment, includes software adapted to the desktop environment, and a unified UI style. The goal of Lingmo GNU/Linux is to allow users to have a gorgeous and practical desktop environment and a smooth experience on low-performance hardware.

Lightweight, smooth experience

Lingmo OS can run on some low performance hardware,Compared with traditional desktop operating systems, Lingmo OS is lightersmooth.

UI, new desktop environment

Lingmo OS adopts a new design different from traditional KDE, which makes the operation no longer cumbersome; we also made some optimizations and reconstructions to cutefishDE to make the operation more suitable for users,Make interaction and vision more dynamic

Built-in Spark software store

In order to improve the experience of Linux users, we built the Spark software store, users can download the required software in the store, so that the installation software does not need to use the command line every time.

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