Blink Emulator consists of two parts: Blink and Blinkenlights.

blink is the smallest x86-64-linux emulator that supports running x86-64-linux programs on different operating systems and hardware architectures.

It is designed to work with qemu-x86_64 command does the same thing, except:

  1. Blink is 221kb in size (115kb with optional features disabled), while qemu-x86_64 is a 4mb binary.

  2. Blink supports running Linux binaries on any POSIX system, while qemu-x86_64 only supports Linux.

  3. Blink is 2x faster than qemu-x86_64 in some benchmarks, such as SSE integer/float calculations, etc. Blink is also faster at running temporary programs like compilers.

Blinkenlights is a terminal user interface for cross-platform debugging of x86_64-linux or i8086 programs. Unlike GDB, Blinkenlights focuses on visualizing program execution. Blinkenlights also supports reverse debugging, scrolling the wheel on the assembly display can rewind the execution history.

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