New features include:
1. Added the schematic diagram of “Flow Interpretation” for “Switch”
2. Unified optimization of platform copywriting
3. Support viewing the switches affected when “deleting” a group
4. Move the code base of the Server module to the code base of FeatureProbe
Bug fixes include:
1. The data loading of the monitoring module of the switch is slow
2. There is a problem with the shared token information in the “Approval Settings” option
3. The Diff of the switch configuration and group changes, the rule module is not translated into Chinese
Documentation supplements include:
1. Add Open-API usage tutorial
2. Review and supplement the missing content in Chinese and English in Docs documents
3. Increase the description of the API documentation
🌟🌟🌟We plan to support the “Indicator Analysis” function in the next version, so stay tuned~

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