QtScrcpy can connect Android devices via USB / network, and display and control them. No root access required.

At the same time, it supports GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS three mainstream desktop platforms.

It focuses on:

  • delicate (display device screen only)
  • performance (30~60fps)
  • quality (above 1920×1080)
  • low latency (35~70ms)
  • Quick Start (You can see the first frame of image within 1s)
  • non-invasive (does not install any software on the device)


The differences between QtScrcpy and Scrcpy are as follows:

key point scrcpy QtScrcpy
interface sdl qt
video decoding ffmpeg ffmpeg
video rendering sdl opengl
Cross-platform infrastructure Self-encapsulation Qt
Programming language C C++
programmatically Synchronize asynchronous
key mapping Does not support customization Support custom key mapping
compile method Meson+Gradle CMake
  • It is very easy to customize your own interface with Qt
  • Asynchronous programming based on Qt’s signal slot mechanism improves performance
  • Easy for beginners to learn
  • Added multi-touch support


  • Display Android device screen in real time
  • Real-time keyboard and mouse control Android devices
  • screen recording
  • screenshot
  • Wireless connections
  • Multi-device connection and group control
  • full-screen display
  • window on top
  • Install apk: drag apk to the display window to install
  • Transfer files: Drag and drop files to the display window to send files to Android devices
  • Background recording: only record the screen without displaying the interface
  • Clipboard Sync: Sync clipboard between computer and device:
    • Ctrl + cCopy device clipboard to computer clipboard;
    • Ctrl + Shift + vCopy computer clipboard to device clipboard;
    • Ctrl + v Send the computer clipboard to the device as a series of text events (no support for non-ASCII characters)
  • Synchronize device speaker sound to computer (based onsndcpyonly supports Android 10 and above, currently not recommended, you can use Bluetooth connection instead)

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