xshare, a private content sharing system

Private content sharing system based on python3.7+flask+jinja2+sqlalchemy

Currently implemented:

  • User login and registration
  • Create and edit clubs, share (articles)
  • Access other people’s club content
  • Modify basic personal information
  • Message function

Features not implemented

  • Change account password
  • management background

local experience

  • git clone gitee.com/idart/xshar…
  • cd xshare
  • python3 -m vitualven venv
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Modify the configuration information under settings and set the database
  • flask db init
  • flask db mirate
  • flask deploy product
  • Use account number: xshare Password: 12345678 Login experience
  • Register a new account and visit the sharing of xshare

Sample image



  • Visit the Club Share Articles page


  • Create a club
  • my club
  • Create a share
  • my share

Build the docker image:

cd xshare

sudo docker build -t flasktest .

Run the image:

docker run -it -d --name testflask -p 8080:8080 flasktest:latest

Log in to docker and enter the account password

docker login

push on docker hub After success, you can log in to the docker website to check whether it already exists.

docker push 账号名/线上名称:latest

pull download to your own server

docker pull 账号名/线上名称:latest

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