Textractor (Former name: NextHooker) is a ITHVNRan open source x86/x64 text extractor for Windows/Wine.


Distributions of Textractor can be found athereturn up.

Older versions of ITHVNR can be found athereturn up.


  • highly scalable
  • Automatically extracts from many games (including some not supported by VNR!)
  • Extract text via /H “hook” codes (supports most AGTH codes)
  • Extract text directly using the /R “read” code


through myExtended example projectSee how to build extensions.
Check out the extensions folder to see what extensions can do.


compile Textractor Before, you should get Visual Studio with CMake support, and Qt version 5.13.
Then you can use Visual Studio to open the folder, and then build. Run Textractor.exe.

project structure

The host (located in the host folder) injects the texthook.dll (created from the texthook folder) into the target process and interconnects it through two pipe files.
The host writes to hostPipe, and texthook writes to hookPipe.
texthook waits for the pipeline to connect, and then injects a series of instructions into some text output functions (such as TextOut, GetGlyphOutline) so that their input is sent along the pipeline.
Additional information about the hook is shared through a file view (formerly known as: section object) that is referenced by the TextHook class.
Afterwards, text received by the host through the pipe is simply processed before being passed back to the GUI.
Finally, the GUI dispatches the text to the extension before displaying it.

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