LunaTranslator is a Galgame translation tool that supports clipboard, OCR, HOOK, and more than 40 translation engines.

function support

text source

  •   clipboard Support for getting text from the clipboard for translation
  •   OCR In addition to the built-in OCR engine, it also supports Windows OCR, Baidu OCR, Youdao OCR, ocrspace, docsumo, Feishu OCR, etc.
  •   HOOK Support the use of HOOK to obtain text, support the use of special codes, support automatic saving of games and HOOK, automatic loading of HOOK, etc. For some engines, inline translation is also supported.


Supports almost every translation engine imaginable, including:

  •   offline translation Supports offline translation using JBeijing 7, Kingsoft Express, and Yidiantong
  •   free online translation Support Baidu, Bing, Google, Ali, Youdao, Caiyun, Sogou, DeepL, Kingsoft, Xunfei, Tencent, Byte, Volcano, papago, yeekit, etc. for translation
  •   Sign up for online translation Support Baidu, Tencent, Youdao, Mavericks, Caiyun, Huoshan, deepl, yandex, google, Feishu, ChatGPT, Azure translation with user registration
  •   pre-translation Support reading human translation and aggregation machine pre-translation files, support translation cache
  •   Support for custom translation extensions Support using the python language to extend other translation interfaces that I don’t know about

speech synthesis

  •   Offline TTS Support windowsTTS, support VoiceRoid2, support VoiceRoid+, support NeoSpeech, support VOICEVOX
  •   Online TTS Support Volcanic TTS, Youdao TTS

translation optimization

  •   text processing Supports more than ten common text processing methods, and can realize complex text processing through combination and adjustment of execution order
  •   translation optimization Support the use of custom proper nouns for translation, and support for importing VNR shared dictionaries

Japanese study

  •   Japanese participle and kana display Support the use of built-in word segmentation and pseudonym display tools, support the use of Mecab to optimize word segmentation and pseudonym display
  •   look up words Support word lookup using online dictionaries such as Xiaoxiaoguan, Lingoes Dictionary, EDICT (Japanese-English) Dictionary, Youdao Online, weblio, Goo, Moji, etc.

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