Have you ever liked because there are too many servers and you can’t remember ssh Annoyed that the terminal does not have corresponding server management functions?

tssh supports vim-like methods (including up, down, left, and right arrows) to select ~/.ssh/config Log in to the server configured in , and also support searching and logging in.

tssh also supports trzsz ( trz / tsz ) https://www.oschina.net/p/trzsztogether with the solution to use in Windows trzsz ssh Problem with slow upload speed.



installation method

go install github.com/trzsz/trzsz-ssh/cmd/tssh@latest

After installation,tssh The program is generally located in the ~/go/bin/ directory (Windows is generally in the C:\Users\your_name\go\bin\ ).


~/ Represents the HOME directory.On Windows, replace the following ~/ replace with C:\Users\your_name\.

  • The key pair is generated on the client side and generally stored in ~/.ssh/ Down:

    • ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 Generate RSA’s private key ~/.ssh/id_rsathe public key ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub.
  • Log in to the server and pass the public key (that is, when the key pair was generated earlier *.pub suffix file content) is appended to the server on the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the file.

    One line represents the public key of a client, pay attention to set the correct permissions chmod 700 ~/.ssh && chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

  • Configured on the client side ~/.ssh/config file, for example:

Host alias1
    Port 22
    User your_name
Host alias2
    Port 22
    User your_name

  • use tssh command login server,tssh alias1 The command logs in ~/.ssh/config middle alias1 corresponding server.

    tssh The command does not take parameters, you can search and select ~/.ssh/config Configured server and log in.

Screen recording demo

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