EwaVM (a lightweight & embedded WebAssembly’s VM) is a lightweight and embeddable WebAssembly virtual machine and runtime developed for the next generation of Serverless and Web containers.


  • Fully supports the bytecode features of WebAssembly
  • Completely based on stack JIT execution (no interpreter will affect efficiency)
  • Based on the efficient SLJIT module, it can warm up quickly and enter the efficient execution state without waiting
  • The lowest memory footprint, without any additional overhead, the JIT compiler completes all instruction compilation when loading
  • Stronger module support and multiple language bindings


Supported Operating Systems: Windows Linux MacOS…

Support toolchain: GCC, MinGW GCC, LLVM Clang, TinyCC

Supported architectures (SLJIT): X86/64, ARM/ARM64/AArch64, RISC-V 32/64, MIPS 32/64, PowerPC 32/64

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