Odigos is an open sourceObservability control plane. Instantly generate distributed traces for any application without code changes.The two main goals of the project are:

  1. automatic detection – Odigos auto-instruments your application and generates distributed traces and metrics without any code changes.
  2. collector management – Odigos automatically deploys and scales collectors based on application traffic. No need to spend time deploying and configuring collectors.

Odigos enhances existing monitoring tools by generating higher quality data and delivering it to the backend of your choice (open source or hosted).

The name Odigos is of Greek origin and means guide.


  • No need to replace existing monitoring tools – Odigos enhances current observability solutions by generating higher quality data
  • Language-independent auto-detection – Odigos detects the programming language of any application and automatically detects it accordingly
  • use eBPF and OpenTelemetry Build – the application is instrumented using well-known, tried-and-true open-source observability techniques
  • Auto-detection of Go applications – Odigos uniquely leverages eBPF to detect compiled languages ​​without code changes
  • collector management – Automatically scales the collector based on application usage.No need to deploy or configure complex pipelines

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