yaklang is China’s first programming language in the field of network security launched by the Institute of Cyberspace Security, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and the yaklang.io team.

In order to accelerate the engineering development of security products and security tools, we created a new language (Yaklang) and implemented a stack virtual machine (YakVM) at the same time. Yaklang is a Turing-complete programming language whose grammar is defined by a context-free grammar. It runs on YakVM.

Why do DSL? (Why DSL?)

  1. increase productivity. DSL design is simple and efficient, focusing on solving specific problems, which can greatly improve development efficiency and productivity.
  2. Improve abstraction ability. DSL can help developers build solutions using high-level abstractions without dealing with low-level details, improving development efficiency.
  3. Good maintainability. The DSL language is simple and clear, and the code is clearer and easier to read, which is conducive to code maintenance and expansion.
  4. High reliability. DSL focuses on a certain field, and the language and semantics are more precise, which helps to write more reliable programs.
  5. Easy to embed. DSL can be easily embedded into a host language, and it is very convenient to implement.

Sample code:

// 极简获取参数,--target xxxx  --port 80
scanTarget, scanPorts = cli.String("target"), cli.String("port")

// 默认批量进行服务扫描
results, err = servicescan.Scan(scanTarget, scanPorts)

// 取出扫描结果(异步扫描结果)
for result = range results {

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