KernelSU isA kernel-based root solution for Android.


  • Based on the kernel’s su and privilege management, KernelSU works in Linux kernel mode, which has more control over user space applications.
  • Only apps with root permissions can access su, and other apps cannot perceive su.
  • Based on the module system of overlayfs, KernelSU supports modifying /system via overlayfs, it can even make /system writable.

compatibility status

KernelSU officially supports GKI 2.0 devices (kernel version 5.10 and above); old kernels are also compatible (minimum 4.14+), but you need to compile the kernel yourself.

WSA and Android running on containers also work with KernelSU.

Currently supported architectures: arm64-v8a and x86_64


Installation Tutorial


How to build it?



  • Table of contents kernel All files under GPL-2
  • remove kernel The rest of the directory is GPL-3

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