System76 Scheduler is the kernel scheduler for the Pop!_OS system that automatically configures CFS and process priority to improve desktop responsiveness.

System76 Scheduler low-latency CPU scheduling will be automatically activated on AC, and the default scheduling delay is set to battery. Processes are scanned periodically and process priorities are assigned based on configuration files. When combined with pop-shell, the foreground process and its children will be given higher process priority.

These changes result in significantly improved smoothness and performance in apps and gaming experiences. The improved app responsiveness is most noticeable on older systems with older hardware, while games benefit from higher frame rates and lower judder.

After the active process has used the most CPU time, background applications and services get a smaller portion of the remaining CPU budget.

CPU scheduler latency configuration


The Linux kernel’s default setting for CFS. Achieve high throughput for CPU-intensive tasks at the cost of increased input latency.

This setup is ideal for battery-operated servers and laptops, since low-latency scheduling sacrifices some energy efficiency for responsiveness.

latency: 6ns
minimum_granularity: 0.75ms
wakeup_granularity: 1.0ms
bandwidth_size: 5us

high performance

Slightly reduce time for CPU-intensive tasks so that more time can be spent on other processes, especially those waiting for and responding to user input.

Can significantly improve the responsiveness of the desktop, at the expense of slightly reduced throughput for CPU-intensive tasks.

latency: 4ns
minimum_granularity: 0.4ms
wakeup_granularity: 0.5ms
bandwidth_size: 3us

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