niucloud-admin is a background framework for rapid development of SAAS general management system. The front end adopts the latest technology stack Vite+TypeScript+Vue3+ElementPlus, the most popular technology architecture. The background is built with mainstream back-end languages ​​such as PHP8, Java SDK, Python, etc. User permissions, code generator, form design, cloud storage, SMS sending, material center, WeChat and official account, Api module series of out-of-the-box functions, it is a software system that can quickly develop enterprise-level applications.

Technical Highlights Adopted by niucloud-admin

  • The background php uses thinkphp6+php8+mysql, supports composer quick installation and extension, supports redis cache and message queue, supports multi-language design and development, and develops strict restful api design and development.

  • Front-end and front-end technologies such as element-plus, vue3.0, typescript, vite, and pina are used to separate the backend and backend, and i18n is used to support international multilingual development.

  • The mobile terminal adopts uniapp front-end separation, and uses uview, vue3.0, typescript, vite, pina and other front-end technologies at the same time, and uses i18n to support international multi-language development, which can be flexibly compiled into h5, WeChat applet, Alipay applet, shake Use scenarios such as audio applets.

  • niucloud-admin adopts a multi-tenant saas system design, which can provide enterprise-level software service operations, and at the same time meet the system development needs of users with multiple sites, multiple merchants, and multiple stores.

  • Niucloud-admin strictly defines the development specification of layered design in view of the fact that many framework structures on the market are not standardized, resulting in unstable infrastructure. At the same time, the API interface strictly adopts the development specification of restful, which can meet the needs of large-scale business systems or microservices. development needs.

  • The front-end and back-end of niucloud-admin adopt strict multi-language development specifications, including front-end display, API interface return, data verification, error return, etc., all adopt multi-language design specifications, so that developers can truly realize multi-language development requirements.

  • niucloud-admin has built the bottom layer of conventional system development. The specific bottom layer functions include: administrator management, authority management, website setting, plan task management, material management, member management, member account management, WeChat official account and small program management, Payment management, third-party login management, message management, SMS management, article management, front-end decoration and other comprehensive basic functions, so that developers do not need to develop basic structures and concentrate on business development.

  • The niucloud-admin system has built-in support for WeChat/Alipay payment, WeChat official account/applet/SMS message management, Alibaba Cloud/Tencent Cloud SMS, Qiniu Cloud/Alibaba Cloud storage and other basic function extensions, and will continue to expand the foundation based on actual business components.

  • niucloud-admin specially developed a code generator in combination with the characteristics of the system structure, so that developers can generate basic business codes with one click according to the data table, including: background PHP business code and corresponding front-end Vue code.

  • The front end adopts the standard element-plus, and developers do not need to know the front end in detail, but only need to use standard element components.

  • The mobile phone terminal has designed and developed custom decoration, and at the same time provides basic development components to facilitate developers to design and develop the development needs of mobile phone custom page decoration.

  • Using uniapp on the mobile phone side, and using uview page display at the same time, you can develop rich mobile phone styles, and you don’t need to learn small programs, app development languages, etc., you only need to compile it through uniapp.

Operation Guide

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demo address

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Installation and deployment

pagoda deployment

  • 1. Environmental requirements
    php 8.0
    mysql5.6 and above
    enable redis
  • 2. Log in to the website【】Download the framework source code.
  • 3. Place the source code in the root directory of the pagoda, access the local or virtual domain name, enter the installation interface, click Next, enter the database installation information, and complete the installation in the next step.Detailed tutorial view ➡ 【Development Manual】 ⬅
  • 4. Configure pseudo-static
    You can directly copy the following code: Nginx configuration

location / {
    if (!-e $request_filename) {
        rewrite  ^(.*)$  /index.php/$1  last;

Apache configuration

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
Options +FollowSymlinks -Multiviews
  RewriteEngine On
  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
  RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [QSA,PT,L]
  RewriteEngine on RewriteCond % !^$

Paste the location as shown below:

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docker rapid deployment

  • 1. Start docker, open the terminal, enter the command line, and press Enter to execute the command.

docker run -d --name niucloudadmin_php -p 20221:80 niucloud/niucloudadmin_php:1.6.0

  • 2. Access the configured virtual domain name or localhost or to enter the installation interface.

front run

git clone

cd niuclooud-admin template
npm install

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