Milkman is an extensible request/response workbench, heavily inspired by Postman.The project authors say they are tired of those electron-based The application, because it takes a long time and a lot of memory to start; therefore a JavaFx based workbench was created to handle the request/response. It’s not limited to e.g. http (or more specifically REST) ​​requests. Since almost everything is a plugin, other things are possible like database requests or gRPC, GraphQl etc.


  • Everything is a plugin:Request-types (such as Http Request), request-aspects (such as Headers, Body, etc.), editors for request aspects (such as table-based editors for headers), importers, whatever it is you can extend it. The core application only deals with workspaces with environments, collections, requests and their aspects.
  • Http Request Plugin:Several plugins have been provided to extend the core application as an alternative to postman. Make and execute Http/Rest requests using json highlighting. Supports proxy server configuration and SSE.
  • Grpc Plugin:Support Grpc Services, Server Reflection and Streaming
  • Test Runner:Run multiple requests as separate test scenarios
  • JavaFX application:Such as: fast (at least compared to electron :D) and skin-able (you can use simple CSS to extend milkman into your own theme).
  • Command line interface: Milkman has acommand line interfacewhich allows editing/executing requests on the command line.
  • Slack commands:You can use in slack/milkman <privatebin-url>Share requests in a better way.More information.
  • More details on core app functionalitysuch as hotkeys, etc.

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