Mach is a game engine and graphics toolkit, written in Zig, for creating games, graphics applications, and desktop/mobile applications.

Mach uses the Zig C/C++ compiler to build everything: GLFW, Google Chrome’s WebGPU implementation, and even the DirectX shader compiler. Prebuilt binaries for WebGPU, don’t even have to wait to compile – just add `-Ddawn-from-source=true` for 100% build from source.


  • data-driven, tool-oriented
  • Can be combined
  • The goal is to compete with Unity and Unreal (when components such as the editor are fully mature)

Note: Mach is in early stages and not ready for production


Create Cross-Platform Graphics in 60 Secondswith a unified shader language and compute shaders:

git clone --recursive
cd mach-examples/
zig build run-boids


Mach has a number of libraries available for game development in Zig – without having to use the entire engine, all are easily installed, all provide cross-compilation and platform support:

  • mach-glfw: Ziggified GLFW bindings with 100% API coverage
  • mach-freetype : Ziggified Freetype 2 & HarfBuzz bindings
  • mach-gpu-dawn: Google’s Dawn WebGPU implementation, cross-compiled with Zig into a static library
  • mach-system-sdk: more libraries for cross compiling with Zig

supported platforms

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