Perseus is a blazingly fast front-end web development framework built in Rust that supports generating page state at build time, request time, incremental time, or whatever you want.

  • Support static generation (only provide static resources)
  • Support server-side rendering (provide dynamic resources)
  • Supports revalidation (updates the rendered page) after a period of time and/or with custom logic
  • Supports incremental regeneration (build on demand)
  • Open build matrix (use with any rendering strategy)
  • Full i18n support out of the box with Fluent
  • Lighthouse has a rating of 100 on desktop and over 95 on mobile.
  • Support hot state reload


use perseus::prelude::*;
use sycamore::prelude::*;

pub fn main<G: Html>() -> PerseusApp<G> {
                .view(|cx| {
                    view! { cx,
                        p { "Hello World!" }

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