Clue is a programming language that compiles very quickly to Lua code, with a syntax similar to languages ​​like C or Rust.

Clue is almost as simple as Lua (only with a slightly more advanced syntax), but adds a lot of optional features that can make code look better, or make things like metatables easier to code.

Clue will not compile to a specific version of Lua: a flag can be toggled to change the output to allow most Lua versions to compile with Clue.

general grammatical differences

  • The code block is now located at {} inside instead of then / do / repeat and end / until
  • comment using // ... or /* ... */

sample code

print("Hello world!")

local fn add(x, y) {
    return x + y

global n = 1

while n < 10 {
    n += add(n, n)
    if n == 3 {continue}

More examples can be found at:

how to install


git clone
cd clue
makepkg -si

Using Cargo

  • Paste and run this command in the console: cargo install clue
  • Type in the console clue to run the compiler and it will interpret the rest of the

manual installation

  • download the latest version
  • Open your system environment variables
  • Include in PATH variable clue.exe directory path for
  • In cmd/PowerShell type clue to run the compiler and it will interpret the rest

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