Siyuan Notes is a local-first personal knowledge management system that supports fine-grained block-level references and Markdown, what you see is what you get.



All native features are free, even for commercial use.

  • content block
    • Block-level citations and bidirectional links
    • custom attributes
    • SQL query embedding
    • protocol siyuan://
  • editor
    • block style
    • Markdown WYSIWYG
    • list outline
    • block zoom focus
    • block layout
    • Million-word document editing
    • Mathematical formulas, charts, flowcharts, Gantt charts, timing charts, staves, etc.
    • web clipping
    • PDF annotation double chain
  • export
    • Quoted blocks and embedded blocks
    • Standard Markdown with assets folder
    • PDF, Word, and HTML
    • Copy to WeChat official account, Zhihu and Yuque
  • End-to-end encrypted data synchronization and backup through third-party cloud storage services
  • spaced repetition
  • template fragment
  • JavaScript/CSS code snippet
  • Android/iOS APP
  • Docker deployment
  • APIs
  • community market

paid subscription

Cloud services require a paid subscription.

  • Distinguished ID
  • End-to-end encrypted data sync and backup
  • Cloud image bed service
  • Regular WeChat reminder
  • cloud collection box

Download and install

The desktop and mobile terminals are recommended to give priority to installation through the application market, so that one-click update can be performed when upgrading the version in the future.

application market

Docker deployment

Docker deployment documentation

Installation package

internal preview

Insider previews are released before major updates, visit

????️ Community

????️ development guide

See:development guide.

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