trurl is made by curl byDaniel Stenberg newly developed,A small command-line tool for parsing and manipulating URLs, designed to help shell script writers everywhere.

trurl is a tool similar to tr, but for URLs.URLs are difficult to parse, so there are many security issues in the software;trurl hopes to help alleviate this problem by keeping script and command line authors everywhere from reinventing the wheel.

trurl uses libcurl’s URL parser, so the way to parse and understand URLs is exactly the same as the command-line tool curl, and the two can be used as companion tools.


  $ trurl --url --set

  $ trurl --set --set scheme=ftp

  $ trurl --url --redirect here.html

  $ trurl --url --set port=8080

  $ trurl --url --get '{path}'

  $ trurl --url --get '{port}'

  $ trurl --get '{scheme} {port} {path}'
  https 443 /hello.html

  $ trurl --url --append path=you

  $ trurl --url "" --append query=search=string

  $ trurl --url-file url-list.txt --get '{host}'
  [one host name per URL in the input file]

  $ cat url-list.txt | trurl --url-file - --get '{host}'
  [one host name per URL in the input file]

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