The smallest system board of CH32V203G6, the goal is simplicity, ease of use, and low cost.

3D rendering

Front view

Rear view




KiCad 6.0.6


download program

Recommended UseWCHISPToolUSB download function, easy to use. Of course, serial port download and debug port download are also feasible.

WCHISPTool needs to select the correct MCU model (CH32V203) to burn. When burning, make sure that the two signals of the DIP switch are turned ON, and press and hold the BOOT0 button to power on. If it goes well, the MCU should be recognized in WCHISPTool.

LEDs and buttons

There are two LEDs on the board, wherePWRCorresponding power LED (3.3V power supply),PB8Corresponds to user-defined LED.

There are two buttons on the board, whereNRSTCorresponding system reset,BOOT0Corresponds to the startup mode (the user program of Flash is run by default, and the startup program of ROM is run when pressed).

Note: In CH32V203G6,PB8andBOOT0Pins are multiplexed. The specific behavior is as follows:

  • During startup, the MCU gets theBOOT0state, the pin is an input pin at this the pressBOOT0At the same time,PB8The corresponding LED will be lit at the same time to remind the user.
  • After entering the user program, the microcontroller’sPB8The pin is available, but only for output, the input is an invalid value. at this time,PB8The corresponding LEDs can be controlled by the user program, butBOOT0The corresponding button state cannot be obtained.

external clock input

CH32V203G6 can accept active crystal oscillator and passive crystal, and the frequency is between 3-25MHz.

The board comes with pads for external crystal oscillator and load capacitor, but it is not soldered by default, because the built-in crystal oscillator (HSI) can meet the accuracy requirements in general applications.

schematic diagram

SeeFlappyBoard Schematic.


SeeFlappyBoard BOM.

test program

all insoftware/examplesfolder, use as needed.

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