Hummingbird is a set of small and exquisite open source JavaScript runtime engine, following the Apache protocol. The original intention of the design is to save time and effort as much as possible for agile development.

  • What can Hummingbird do?
  1. Build the network test platform you need, integrate tcp, http, udp client and server
  2. Monitor local resources, analyze program memory size, and restart operations on it.
  3. The built-in mysql driver module can be easily called through the built-in api.
  • Why use Hummingbird?
  1. Once the edited code is saved, it can be quickly compiled and run without the need for manual compilation.
  2. There is no need to remember too many APIs, and xml configuration is used to quickly complete the initialization.
  3. Avoid callback hell, transform the original api of Node.js, and change the asynchronous function to synchronous.

Hummingbird follows only one principle:Simple to use.

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