Blend2D is a high-performance 2D vector graphics engine written in C++, released under the Zlib license. The engine utilizes a built-in JIT compiler to generate an optimized pipeline at runtime and is able to use multi-threading to improve performance beyond single-threaded rendering. Additionally, the engine has a new rasterizer, which provides excellent performance while being comparable in quality to those used by AGG and FreeType.

Blend2D is written in C++, but it provides both C and C++ APIs.

Blend2D provides drawing styles similar to those defined by SVG and HTML , including solid colors, gradients, and patterns.

Blend2D supports all Porter & Duff compositing operations and various blend modes defined by the SVG, CSS and PDF specifications. Compositing and blending modes can be applied to any rendering operation, including fills, strokes, and image blocks.

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