A Microsoft employee “leaked” screenshots of the new version of Windows Notepad in a now-deleted tweet. The employee, a senior product manager at Microsoft, posted a screenshot of the Notepad application (as shown in the picture below) and wrote that “Windows 11’s Notepad finally has the tabs (Tabs) function.”

The screenshots feature a particularly prominent confidential warning that reads “Do not discuss features or take screenshots.” This shows that Microsoft is not yet ready to open the testing of this feature to the public.

Like most applications that contain tabs, Windows 11 Notepad’s tabs are also located at the top of the application, making it easy for users to open multiple text files in the same window. For users, this function will improve the efficiency of switching between multiple document pages, and at the same time consume less memory space than opening multiple Notepad pages.

As it stands, Notepad with tabs will likely be released to Windows Insiders in preview in the next few weeks.

Adding tabs to Notepad is a sign that more built-in Windows apps will include this feature, so the question is, which apps will Microsoft add tabs to next?

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