Joshua Strobl is the former project lead of the Solus Linux distribution and the lead developer of the Budgie desktop environment. Last year, he left the Solus project, which had been working for 7 years, and joined the SerpentOS project. While leaving Solus, he continues to lead the development of the Budgie desktop environment.

Recently, a proposal submitted by Joshua Strobl was approved by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) with 5 votes in favor and 0 votes against. The content of the proposal is shown in the following figure: “Create an official Fedora Spin”.

The Budgie desktop environment was actually introduced in Fedora 37, but users can only install the Budgie desktop environment from the Fedora software repository. Now approved, Fedora Budgie Spin, another ISO of Fedora Linux, will have the Budgie desktop environment pre-installed out of the box. Fedora Budgie Spin is also a supplement to Fedora’s existing one.

In addition to the Fedora Budgie Spin, the upcoming Fedora Linux 38 release will also offer an official Fedora Sway Spin, which will feature the Sway window manager. Sway is a tiling window manager and Wayland compositor, influenced by i3, and written in C.

In addition to the above two changes, other Fedora 38 modification proposals approved by FESCo this week include upgrades to Golang 1.20, libpinyin 2.8, GNU Make 4.4, Boost 1.81, and ImageMagick 7, among others. Fedora Linux 38 is expected to be released in late April or early May 2023.

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