The React team has updated the official website and officially launched a new domain name for the official website: The team calls this the new home for React and its documentation.

Update highlights:

  • New React site ( helps users learn modern React using functional components and Hooks
  • Provides diagrams, illustrations, challenges and over 600 new interactive examples
  • The old React documentation site has been moved to

The team sighed that React will soon be ten years old. In the age of JavaScript, that feels like a whole century. They refactored the React homepage to reflect why they think React is a great way to create user interfaces, and updated the getting started guide to more prominently mention modern React-based frameworks.

According to the official introduction, in the process of updating the website, they have made many optimizations for the documentation – including content writing, sample demonstration and interface design. The purpose is to allow novices to learn the various features of React from the shallower to the deeper.

In the future they will continue to improve the documentation, such as:

  • Provide TypeScript versions for all examples
  • Create updated performance, testing and accessibility guidelines
  • Collaborate with the international community to translate documentation
  • Provides framework-independent Documenting React Server components
  • Add missing functionality to the site, such as RSS

See the announcement for details.

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