OpenAI Translator is aChatGPT API-based word translation browser plug-in and cross-platform desktop application.

Unlike common translation plugins, OpenAI Translator includes very effective word polishing and summarization features.


  1. Support three translation modes: translation, polish, summary
  2. Mutual translation, polishing and summarization functions supporting 55 languages
  3. Supports real-time translation, polishing and summarization, and responds to users at the fastest speed, making the process of translation, polishing and summarization unprecedentedly smooth and smooth
  4. Support for custom translation text
  5. Support one-click copy
  6. Support TTS
  7. There are desktop applications, full platform (Windows + macOS + Linux) support!

Please note!The desktop application does not support the pop-up icon after the word is drawn, and the shortcut key must be pressed after the word is drawn to trigger the translation of the word

use screenshot

Ready to use

  • (required) to apply OpenAI API Key
  • (Optional) If OpenAI is not accessible, you can use OpenAI API Proxy



pass winget Installation (only supports windows)

winget install yetone.OpenAITranslator

pass Scoop

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install openai-translator

manual installation

  1. exist Latest Release page download with .msi package at the end
  2. After the download is complete, double-click the installation package to install
  3. If the prompt is not safe, you can click 更多信息 -> 仍要运行 to install
  4. Get started!


manual installation

  1. go Latest Release Download the corresponding chip on the page to .dmg installation package
  2. After the download is complete, double-click the installation package to install it, and then OpenAI Translator drag to Applications folder.
  3. Get started!


  • “OpenAI Translator” can’t be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

    • click Cancel button and go 设置 -> 隐私与安全性 page, click 仍要打开 button, and in the pop-up window click 打开 button, open later OpenAI Translator There will be no more pop-up warnings ????

    • if in 隐私与安全性 The above options are not found in the .Open Terminal.appand enter the following command (the password may be required in the middle), then restart OpenAI Translator You can:

      sudo xattr -d /Applications/OpenAI\

  • If you encounter a permission prompt every time you open it, or cannot perform shortcut key word translation, please go to 设置 -> 隐私与安全性 -> 辅助功能 Remove OpenAI Translator from , then re-add OpenAI Translator:

browser plug-in

  1. Visit your browser’s add-on marketplace to install this add-on:

  2. Click the OpenAI Translator icon in the browser plug-in list, and fill in the obtained API KEY into the pop-up configuration interface of this plug-in

  3. Refresh the browser page to enjoy a silky word translation experience ????

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